Why is this happening to me?

Whether its in a business or a personal sense, what you’re experiencing is the “what goes around comes around” phenomena.  That is Karma!

The effect that you are experiencing, must have a cause.  That cause is directly correlated to the effect.

Here’s an example from nature.

If you want to sell fruit, you’ll need a tree or a bush that you can harvest.  If you want that tree to produce apples, you’ll necessarily need to plant an apple seed.  That seed needs to be nourished to allow it to grow.  What you ultimately harvest is exponential in quantity to the single seed that you’ve grown.

Let’s take this into a corporate context.

If you want good things to happen to your business, you need to sow the appropriate seeds and nourish them to make your business flourish.

The business environment that you create is a direct result of the karmic energy that put into it.

Here’s something to ponder.

What could be the karmic effect of not paying your suppliers on time?

  • Your company’s finances become unstable
  • You miss out on funding for new investments
  • Unexpected costs suddenly appear

The effect is exponential to the cause.  Always!

Our Karmic Business Programme looks for the causes that have resulted in the issues now affecting your business. Linked with our Coaching and Mentoring, we can enable your company’s management and staff to realise their incredible potential and sow the seeds of growth, for everyone’s benefit.


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