Expert Advisory

Sometimes we need a second opinion on our business decisions.  Our Expert Services are focussed on construction related disputes.   Nevertheless, other issues arise which affect the economic performance of our business.  Our combined decades of experience puts icSmith Consulting in the perfect position to provide our clients with the support that they need.

Our Expert Advisory service is available to give our Clients a cost effective and independent review of the issues challenging business decisions before they become critical or indeed end up in dispute proceedings.

Our Expert Advisory services can be applied to a number of aspects on the project environment, including:

  • Claim negotiations
  • Claim Preparation
  • Commercial Management
  • Contract drafting support
  • Business Processes
  • Dispute Boards
  • Steering Committees

Expert Witness

Despite our best efforts to avoid conflict in cross-border projects, sometimes an issue has to be resolved using formal dispute proceedings. The tribunals often require the input of specialists in particular disciplines. The expertise that icSmith Consulting can provide as Expert Witness is as contracts specialist, commercial manager.  Other aspects, such as planning (time scheduling), can be complimented by Experts from our wide network of specialists.

Independence is a value which has our highest priority!

With a number of appointments as Expert Witness in International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) based Arbitrations, our Clients profit from the recognised experience gained as a trusted and respected specialist in the field.

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